Santiago Pedro
Aubourg Martínez

Name and Surname: Santiago Pedro Aubourg Martínez

Experiencia Científica y/o Tecnológica (líneas de trabajo; instrumentación/técnicas que maneja):

– Alkaloid synthesis (cularines, azafluorantenes and aporfines): Pharmacological application. Period: 1981-1983.

– Lipid composition of marine species: Effect of catching zone and season. Period: From 1984 till nowadays.

– Modifications and interactions of chemical constituents of marine species during processing: Effect on the final product quality. Period: From 1984 till nowadays.

– Analysis of chemical metabolites related to freshness and quality in marine species: Search for new quality indices in marine products. Period: From 1988 till nowadays.

– Marine species identification in processed products: Origin control. Period: 1989-1995.

– Employment of natural organic acids and extracts from terrestrial plants and algae with antioxidant and antimicrobial properties: Quality enhancement of seafood. Period: From 1995 till nowadays.

– Natural resources optimisation: Employment of underutilised fish species for human consume: Quality loss during processing and storage. Period: From 1996 till nowadays.

– Advanced inhibition strategies (high-hydrostatic pressure, natural antioxidants, slurry ice) of quality loss during processing and storage of marine products (cultivated and wild). From 2001 till nowadays.

Santiago Pedro Aubourg Martínez graduated in Chemistry (1981) and got the Tesina (MSC) (1982) at the Organic Chemistry Department of the University of Santiago de Compostela (Galicia, Spain). He then obtained the PhD degree (1987) at the same University after carrying out the study “Lipid changes during the thermal treatment of albacore tuna (Thunnus alalunga)” at the Marine Research Institute from the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC). Then, he carried out a post-doctoral stage at the “Laboratory of Protein Biology and Technology” from the INRA (Nantes, France) (1987-1988). Once finished, he returned to the Marine Research Institute where he developed his scientific activity up to date, reaching the Research Professor level (Full Professor) in 2008. Throughout these decades, Dr. Aubourg has been the leader in national and international research projects (over 20), as well as in projects carried out in collaboration with seafood industries (over 12). This activity has led to publications included in the SCI (over 200), book chapters (over 12) and dissemination publications (over 30). From an academic point of view, Dr. Aubourg has directed different kinds of scientific studies concerning students training such as Ph.D., Master and Graduate studies. He has been invited to give presentations in different scientific congresses, as well as has presented communications in national and international congresses. His activity also includes the teaching domain, being invited in different foreign universities (Chile, China, Mexico and Algeria) to give courses related to seafood and aquatic food research. Furthermore, he actually teaches in two Masters belonging to the Galician Universities System. Finally, he is reviewer in most scientific journals belonging to the Food Technology domain and included in the SCI and has been invited for reviewing project proposals in different kinds of national and foreign calls.