Carrera Mouriño

Professional Category: Full Professor CSIC
Academic History: PhD Biology
CSIC Scientific Areas: Food Science and Technology


Proteomics and seafood safety. Fish allergy.

Free CV summary/biography:

Dr. Mónica Carrera has a PhD in Biology from the Vigo University, 2008. Received her PhD in Biology with Honors at the Marine Research Institute (IIM-CSIC; 2008) in the field of Proteomics and Seafood Authenticity under the supervision of Prof. Dr. José M. Gallardo/Dr. Carmen Piñeiro/Dr. Benito Cañas. During 2008-2013 was working in the Proteomics and Systems Biology group headed by the scientist Prof. Dr. Ruedi Aebersold at the Institute of Molecular Systems Biology (IMSB; ETH Zürich) in the field of Proteomics and Food Safety and Allergy. In 2015, as a Food Proteomics Senior Researcher Dr. Carrera was invited by the company Thermo Fisher Scientific (San Jose, CA, USA) to work in its Food Proteomics facilities in collaboration with the scientist Dr. Daniel Lopez-Ferrer in the field of Food Safety and Food Allergy. Dr. Carrera is an international recognized expert in Advanced Proteomics and Molecular Systems Biology in the context of Seafood Safety and Allergy. Her trajectory was granted by several pre-doctoral (Xunta de Galicia, I3P CSIC) and post-doctoral grants (MICINN, Barrié Foundation, JdC MINECO), including the prestigious Marie Curie UE FP7-IEF Postdoctoral Fellowship and the Ramón y Cajal contract. Dr. Carrera participated in a total of 25 Research Projects, among them Dr. Carrera achieved funding as Principal Investigator for 5 prestigious Research Projects: H2020 European; Marie Curie UE FP7; Ramón Areces Foundation; Xunta de Galicia. Dr. Carrera is the first and corresponding author of several Publications of High-Impact SCI journals as Anal. Chem., Trends in Anal. Chem., J. Proteome Res., Proteomics, J. Proteomics. Dr. Carrera is also the first and corresponding author of several Technical Publication Notes published by the prestigious international company Thermo Fisher Scientific. She is also the first author of an Encyclopedia chapter (Elsevier) and the first author and corresponding author of several Book Chapters in renowned international publishers (Elsevier, Jonh Wiley, CRC Press). Dr. Carrera is member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Integrated Omics and Reviewer of several high-impact SCI Journals. Shares several peer-reviewed international conference contributions, including several invited and plenary talks. Dr. Carrera is accredited by the European Commission as Project Expert Evaluator, is Expert member of the AECOSAN and project Evaluator Expert of the ANEP. Dr. Carrera supervised several Master Students and currently co-supervise a Pre-Doctoral student from the University of Warmia and Mazury in Poland. Dr. Carrera had judged several PhD thesis and was President and Vocal member of several researcher contract committees. Dr. Carrera holds a Patent and registered in the UniProt database 55 new proteins (42 new allergens). Dr. Carrera actively collaborate teaching official Master and Doctoral programs, participate in several divulgate events and is advisor of different international Food and Proteomics societies. Her trajectory was recognized by 6 scientific Awards (best PhD Thesis 2009; best Publication 2010; best congress Chairman 2012; best Publication 2016; Excellent Poster Prize 2019; best Publication 2019) and 1 honorific distinction CSIC 2017.