Trigo Trigo

Professional Category: Full Professor CSIC
Academic History: PhD Chemistry
CSIC Scientific Areas: Food Science and Technology

  • Characterization of lipids and oils of marine origin.
  • Lipid analysis related to quality loss in marine products: assessment of lipid hydrolysis (free fatty acids) and oxidation (indices of peroxides, conjugated dienes and trienes, thiobarbituric acid and fluorescence)
  • Non-lipid analysis related to quality loss in marine products: determination of formaldehyde and volatile bases (totals and trimethylamine) content and of nucleotides (K value) evolution
  • Analysis of constituents in marine products: basic composition (proteins, lipids, water, ash) and determination of trimethylamine oxide, tocopherols, profile of fatty acids and sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar proteins
  • Sensory analysis in refrigerated and frozen fish products: evaluation of smell, color, taste and general appearance (texture, skin mucus, gills and eyes)

Free CV summary/biography:

Linked to the group of Chemistry of Marine Products (Department of Food Technology) since July 1995 as Specialist Technician in Analysis and Basic Processes, and obtaining a staff position as Research Assistant in 2012. During all this time he participates in a wide number of research projects of the group. He has published works in research and dissemination journals and has participated in communications to national and international conferences. He also participates in students’ formation in different kinds of training stays such as masters and doctorates. He has completed a wide range of technical and complementary training courses and has participated as a teacher in several scientific disseminative courses.